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Founder’s syndrome – The right time to fire yourself

A founder's influence on a company cannot be understated - but what happens when they become the biggest deterrent to their own company's growth?


Will computer vision change how brands “see” the world?

Crop monitoring, street security, cancer detection - these are use cases that computer vision is already being used for. But AI is not without its challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

5 startups using computer vision to create change

Computer vision is already being used widely. We look at 5 of the most innovative businesses in this space today as well as the problems they’re trying to solve

Business Technology

The future of India’s e-scooter industry

The Indian EV sector is buzzing- consumers are embracing EVs as fuel prices surge. One exciting & relatively new industry segment is the e-scooter rental market

Business Economy

Jhunjhunwala’s Riskiest Bet: Will Akasa Air Take-Off?

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's 'Akasa Air' is slated to soar this year. But given the turmoil since the pandemic, all fanfare must be taken with a pinch of salt.

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Attack on the oligarchy: Impact of Russia’s offensive against Ukraine

With the massive wealth that Russian Oligarchs have parked in foreign countries, they are now battling a double edged sword.

Business Technology

Games, Not Gamification: The Next Frontier In Edtech

To say that the $4 billion Edtech industry is booming is an understatement - but content digitization does NOT equal.


Do Economic Sanctions Work? (The Russo-Ukraine Version)

In international policy, sometimes there are no good options. & from the list of really bad options available, economic sanctions.


Quantum Computing, Cryptography, And Blockchain: The Cascading Effect

Quantum computing poses a threat to the security of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Just how real is the threat and what.


Real Business Impact Of Quantum Computing

We’re living in the age of controversial deep-tech. Computer vision can now recognize faces & reusable rockets are making space.


From Ecommerce to V-commerce: Retail in the Metaverse

When it comes to bleeding-edge, blow-your-mind tech like the metaverse, the opportunities are equal parts exponential and speculative.


Let’s not get carried away with Neuralink

Elon Musk wants to connect our brains to computers, giving us the ability to control devices with our minds. But.


3 Industries that are ripe for ‘OYO-fication’

Can the 'OYO model' be emulated across brick-and-mortar industries to drive significant value and (eventual) profits?


Do Product Managers Make Good CEOs?

Ever since Ben Horowitz called good product managers “the CEO of the product” in 1998, the industry has been divided.